As the biggest retailer in the world, is a popular source for product information. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer Open Graph tags for easy scraping of product data. Using, it is now possible to get that information without having to write your own cumbersome web-scraping tool.

Let’s say you’d like information on a kid’s plush toy

Totoro plush toy

First, we can see that Amazon displays Production Information on the page, but it’s difficult for developers to access it without doing quite a bit of DOM traversal

Totoro plush product info

Next, using’s debug tool, we can confirm that there are no Open Graph tags on the product page

no Open Graph data! sad!

However, the Hybrid Graph has parsed the page and returns the properties using standard Open Graph tags, such as og:title and og:url Hybrid Graph

Finally, by using the API, you now have access to the production information Hybrid Graph JSON

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As you can see above, the API produces easily consumable JSON with product specifications. It includes the dimensions, weight, and even the Best Sellers Rank and the Customer Review data! This data is incredibly useful. With’s handy React Component generator tool, you can automatically create React Components with the data that is relevant to your needs. Sign up now with a free account to start using the powerful API.