A Very Simple Open Graph API

Don’t waste time and resources scraping sites or trying to unfurl urls. Focus on your product and let us handle this for you!

If there is even remotely useful information on a site we will provide you back the best potential Open Graph data. Don’t take our word for it, try things out in our Open Graph debug tool.


How simple is it?

curl https://opengraph.io/api/1.1/site/url_encoded_link
 "hybridGraph": {
   "title": "Google",
   "description": "Search the world's information...",
   "image": "http://google.com/images/srpr/logo9w.png",
   "url": "http://google.com",
   "type": "site",
   "site_name": "Google"
   "openGraph": {..}
   "htmlInferred": {..}
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